Journey to Our Timeline

The company Fruibel Asia, who specializes in Chocolates and Baking Ingredients and originally from Belgium, was founded in Subic Bay, Philippines.

The production of Chocolate reached 2,000 Metric tons in one year. Manpower reached 150 employees.

Fruibel Asia became DLA Naturals Inc., our mother company.

DLA Naturals Inc. diversified its activities and started a Health Care and Cosmetic laboratory in Belgium.

The company also diversified in Biotechnology in The Philippines by becoming the PIONEER producer of Spirulina in the country. The Spirulina Farm, up to now, is located in Subic, Zambales, Philippines.

DLA Naturals started selling products through Multi-Level Marketing in the Philippines.

DLA Naturals regrouped all activities from Belgium to Subic. The company organized its activity in to TWO Divisions— Food Ingredients as Division 1 and Food Supplements as Division 2.

The company celebrated its 10th Anniversary in Subic as well as its certification; ISO 22000:2005 / PAS 220:2008/GMP- HACCP Codex. DLA Naturals Sdn Bhd also started as an MLM company in Malaysia.

DLA Naturals MLM was subsidized and immersed itself to Spirulina Filipina Foundation Inc. (SFF Inc), following the Super Typhoon “Yolanda” devastation in Leyte and other parts of Visayas. The company personally went to Tacloban, Leyte, and stayed for 3 days to extend help by giving relief goods to the victims of the “Yolanda” Super Typhoon, in the form of foods and drinks, clothes, and food supplements such as SPIRULINA and more. SFF Inc. was the corporate responsibility arm of DLA Naturals Inc. and have conducted numerous Humanitarian Activities from its birth such as Barangay Feeding Programs.

DLA Naturals Inc., Division II, opened its doors in producing and supplying Food supplements, Beverages (powder & juice) & cosmetics to other Business establishments.

DLA Naturals Inc., Division II, became Natural Nutrition Science (NaNuSci) Inc. and opened its doors to trading Natural Food Supplements for both local and abroad. NaNuSci Inc. was headed by its CEO, Ms. Shiela P. Tiru, an expert in Functional Biology and also the formulator of the different Cellular Health Products of NaNuSci Inc.

SFF Inc. launched its new iNCOME SOLUTION PROGRAM, along with more High-end Cellular Products, adding to the NaNuSci’s ever-tested Historical Products, such as SPIRULINA Food Supplements.

EquiCell Inc. was founded, headed by the General Manager, Mr. Dennies G. Cejares.

EquiCell Company

SFF Inc.’s direct selling and MLM business in the Philippines were assigned to EquiCell Inc. in order to continue the development of its Mission of promoting a portfolio of long term Wellness and Wealth benefits through its highest standard of Cellular Products and unparalleled Income Solution Program.

EquiCell Inc. opened its very first Business Headquarter in Davao City, to accommodate the ever-growing number of Business Associates, particularly in the Mindanao Region.

“Enjoy the Journey and embrace the Destination when you get there.”