Nutrition is The Foundation of Health

“The foundation of health and the beginning of all diseases can be summed up in two words: toxicity and [nutritional] deficiency.” – Charlotte Gerson, Founder of Gerson Cancer Clinic

The products ofSpirulina Filipina Foundation SFF cover these two aspects that directly affect the maintenance of health, products that either provide you with right nutrition, or products that help you absorb, digest and eliminate food and toxins.
SFF believes that full nutrition and detoxification DAILY provide the core foundation of health, and all other factors that correlate to health come secondary.

“The human body heals itself and nutrition provide the resources to accomplish the task.” – Roger Williams S

FF also believes in the mystery of the human body, which was given an innate ability to keep itself healthy and to recover from diseases by itself, given the proper tools (nutrition).

SFF is not concerned about specific conditions or names of diseases but is concerned that the human frame be given the maximum amount of nutrition (with products that provide nutrition or products that boost digestion, absorption, and elimination which indirectly enhance nutrition daily).

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