Humanitarian Activities (February 2019)

We have Twelve Barangay’s actively participated in our ongoing feeding program, from Brgy. Calapacuan (735), Brgy.Calapandayan (559),Brgy.Wawandue (196),Brgy.Manggahan (1,049), Brgy.Ilwas (576), Brgy.Aningway (581),Brgy.Asinan Proper (1,484), Brgy.Baraca-Camachile (394),Brgy.Matain (1,191), Brgy.Calapacuan,Purok6 (602),Brgy.Asinan Poblacion (455),Brgy.Cawag (222). We have a total of 8,044 for the month of February 2019.Recipients testified that taking Spirulina Filipina everyday helped them improved hours of sleep, relieved constipation, maintain normal blood pressure, energized body, improved appetite, normalized blood sugar level, relieved numbness of hands, relieved muscle pain, increase frequency of urination, help gain/lose weight,and maintain good body conditon.

Note: we are only able to post 15 photos per monthly record of our humanitarian activities. If you wish to view the full report, please contact us via email.

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