Humanitarian Activities (May 2019)

Thirteen Areas actively participated in our ongoing feeding program, from Brgy. Calapacuan (1,147), Brgy.Calapandayan (1,191),Brgy.Wawandue (291),Brgy.Manggahan (782), Brgy.Ilwas (732), Brgy.Aningway (426),Brgy.Asinan Proper (1,038), Brgy.Baraca-Camachile (445),Brgy.Matain (903), Brgy.Calapacuan,Purok6 (637),Brgy.Asinan Poblacion (550),Brgy.Cawag (235), Mapanao Elementary School (1,189).We have a total of 9,566 for the month of May, 2019.Recipients testified that taking Spirulina Filipina Everyday helped them relieved numbness of the hands, improved appetite, energized body, good sleep , improved urination, relieved breathlessness, not easily get tired, improved skin complexion, normalized menstruation, help boost immune system, decrease asthma problem, increase perspiration and maintained good body condition.

Note: we are only able to post 15 photos per monthly record of our humanitarian activities. If you wish to view the full report, please contact us via email.

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